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Enabling organizations committed to impact with working capital.

Philip Selway wants his legacy on this planet to be one of animal welfare and helping others in need.  He created the Selway Family Foundation as a way to fuel the efforts of others through grants to be used as the recipient sees fit, where it is needed most. The intention of working capital grants is to acknowledge that for a nonprofit to be successful, it must invest in things that are not necessarily project driven, like staff, administrative costs, operating costs & marketing. 

In 2021, the Selway Family Foundation committed to a 3-year launch plan and created Oscar’s Place, a subsidy of the foundation that is committed to creating a better world for donkeys.  With this working capital, Oscar’s Place had a successful launch and quickly became a self-supporting public charity.

At this time, The Selway Family Foundation is conducting private and anonymous outreach and research.  There is no open call or grant cycle and unsolicited requests will not be accepted.

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